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Individual Services
  • Individual Play Sessions
  • Life Skills (child and young adult)
  • School programs and IEP Meetings
  • Home Based Programs
  • Mentoring
  • “Procrastination to Performance”
  • Therapy
  • Compass Life Skills Programs

Group Services
  • Social Groups
  • Life Skills Groups
  • Summer and School Year Camps
  • Cooking Programs

Family Support
  • Parent Facilitated Support groups
  • “Welcome to the Neighborhood”



Community Services
  • Birthday Parties
  • Community Information

Understanding Services

Social skills are the skills that enable a person to interact and communicate with others in a meaningful way. Social skills are closely allied to Emotional Intelligence (EI) -a kind of intelligence or skill that involves the ability to perceive, assess, and positively influence one's own and other people's emotions. In order to interact effectively with others, one has to be able to monitor and control one's own emotional state.

Prompt & Play offers multiple groups a day Monday through Saturday at varying times for an hour and a half each. Each child is enrolled in a group for eight consecutive weeks with individual start and end dates. Groups are structured around children of similar ages, strengths, behaviors, and social concerns. Groups work together towards general goals such as initiation and reciprocation of conversation and play with peers as well as a focus on individual goals for each child.

During social skills groups, your child will utilize:

  • goal setting
  • role playing
  • games, music, and movement
  • verbal communication to express thoughts and feelings
  • behavioral rehearsal
  • arts & crafts focusing on sharing and using conversation

Our social skills groups will help your child to:

  • understand humor and appropriate usage of humor
  • differentiate between leadership and following others
  • initiate, establish, and maintain lasting friendships
  • recognize, read, and accurately perceive body language
  • understand social cues and expectations
  • listen, gain turn taking, sharing, and remembering skills
  • speak in an appropriate tone and manner

Life skills refer to a large group of psycho-social and interpersonal skills which can help people make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop coping and self-management skills that may help them lead a healthy and productive life. Life skills may be directed toward personal actions and actions toward others, as well as actions to change the surrounding environment to make it conducive to health.

Life Skill programs are designed to teach children and young adults:

  • interpersonal skills
  • self-advocacy
  • interpersonal communication
  • initiative and dependability
  • anger management
  • conflict resolution
  • self-esteem and self-confidence
  • independent living skills
  • money management
  • clothing care
  • time management
  • ways of finding information
  • grocery shopping
  • expected public behaviors
  • personal health care
  • pre-employment skills
  • Job seeking skills
  • basic work behaviors, attitudes, and habits
  • leisure skills and exploration of interests
  • community resources               Back to top

Prompt & Play does not have a specific age range for children or young adults entering our Life Skills programs. Staff members are available to create individual programs to be utilized in home specifically for your child/young adult if such service is requested. Eligibility for enrollment is based on the individual needs and ability of the consumer and our staff members. Individual programs for consumers are provided in-home in an effort to learn to become independent within a person’s daily life. It also helps facilitators and clients understand what aspects of the natural environment can become stressors, triggers, reinforcers, or coping mechanisms for certain behaviors. We recommend however, enrolling in one of the many groups run through our office Monday through Saturday.

Our groups are centered around a broad range of social skills or more specific life skills. Sessions run for eight consecutive weeks with individual start and end dates. Clients are also brought from their home into grocery stores, restaurants, or other public places with staff members to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop coping and self-management skills. Life skills may be directed toward personal actions and actions toward others, as well as actions to change the surrounding environment to make it conducive to health.

Home Based Programs a behaviorally based program specifically designed to meet the needs of an individual child. The program is designed using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The program is designed and monitored by Crystal Lattanzio, LPC who is currently pursuing BCBA certification. The program is supervised by a BCBA-D, Dr. Susan Peterson. The principles of Behavior Modification utilized in the program incorporate direct prompting followed with positive reinforcement to target certain behaviors and assist individuals in living a productive life.

Individual programs are tailored to the specific needs of each child. Sessions are typically provided in-home in an effort to understand what aspects of the child’s natural environment can become triggers, reinforcers, or coping mechanisms. Families remain involved in the progress of their child as well as occasional aspects of their program to help those connected to the child understand behaviors.

If sessions cannot be provided in-home, clients can be seen in our main office. Sessions range from one to two hours weekly. A more intensive schedule may be requested. Fee per session may vary amongst programs and will be set prior to any services rendered.
* Please note, Prompt & Play staff are not ABA certified.         Back to top

In individual play sessions, children work on pretend play, sharing, social norms, and social skills in a more intense environment through one-on-one interaction. Play provides a way for children to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, and self-healing process. As children’s experiences and knowledge are often communicated through play, it becomes an important vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and others.

“From Procrastination to Performance”: Prompt & Play is introducing a new program to help students get on the right track for school! Our trained facilitators meet with each child in their home to assist them in learning new skills to:

  • get themselves organized
  • better manage their time spent on each assignment
  • schedule their day to put homework first
  • cope with social and academic frustrations and anxieties
  • feel confident in their own academic success

Each program is tailored to the specific needs of each child and is flexible over time.

“Welcome to the Neighborhood”: Empowering families, creating community, changing the world. Prompt & Play has created programs to help families accept and adjust to Post Partum changes. These struggles can come in many forms and can take on lives of their own. Seeking help is challenging, but we make it simple. Prompt & Play can assist with issues such as motivation, exhaustion, household organization, acceptance, and education.

  • Mom Helpers/Child Care
  • Organization
  • Sibling adjustment
  • Behavior Management
  • Parent Education
  • In-home Services
  • Reality vs. Ideal
  • Stress Management
  • Groups
  • Special Needs Children

See Services (p.2) - Therapy Sessions, Adapted Programs

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